SIKO has been offering professional solutions in the field of international transportation and forwarding for 20 years. First of all, we guarantee the speed and security of your cargo. And with that, we provide you with the feeling of comfort and peace of mind.

Our expertise is focused on providing across-the-board solutions for international transportation of whole cargo, groupage freight, warehousing and logistics. We operate in over 30 countries across Europe, and our service points have always been on the rise.

20 years on, we have realised the strive for excellence has been our major driver and motivating factor. At SIKO, we know how to learn from our mistakes, how to take bold steps and always aim for solutions that meet the highest demand and improve the environment in which we all do business.

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Thanks to our vast experience and diverse expertise, the reliable network of partners we have throughout Europe, our modern and well-equipped facilities and what is most valuable – our team of motivated experts, we at SIKO proudly provide top-notch services. For us, your comfort and peace of mind are of paramount importance. Your trust is our reward.

Our main goal has always been to impact the international cargo environment and market so that they change for the better. Adjusting to the dynamically developing business setting, SIKO takes pride in its main assets: expediency, up-to-date information, high level of competence, and transparency.

Expediency: We know that for you planning and response time are essential, therefore, we always aim to make ourselves available in the shortest time possible. To achieve this, SIKO counts on its high performance order management software, TRANZIT©

Up-to-date information: Thanks to the specialised software, SIKO manages to accurately inform you about your orders status in real time, updating the status of each shipment on a daily basis.

High level of competence: SIKO’s employees have dedication, extensive experience and the skills required for the professional services they perform. With us you can rest assured that you will get reliable advice, high-quality performance and a reliable partner.

Transparency: SIKO boasts 20-year old partnerships with suppliers and vendors throughout Europe, which has given it the competitive edge in drafting comprehensive offers and in providing uncompromising services.

We are a team

We have the pleasure of introducing SIKO’s leadership. This is a joint-stock company where every employee has the opportunity to become a shareholder and join the management. We are convinced that our employees, who are responsible, motivated and strive for excellence, deserve recognition and room for improvement. This continuity in SIKO’s management is another prerequisite for the company’s success over the years.

We look forward to working together for the next 20 years!

Kolyo Doynov

Shareholder, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Svetlozar Petrov

Shareholder, CEO

Mariyan Tsekov

Shareholder, Operations Director

Preslav Petkov

Shareholder, Commercial Strategies Manager

Vesselin Hristov

Shareholder, Commercial Director

Krassimir Ivanov

Shareholder, Eastern Europe Development Manager


SIKO shares the vision for the development of this industry with the most established and authoritative organizations in the sector. We believe that with joint efforts we will be able to improve the business environment in Bulgaria and place it on the foundations of fair and transparent contracting, i.e., between companies and sectoral associations, between companies and vendors, between companies and clients, and last but not least – business-to-business.

We are happy to be a member of the Bulgarian National Freight Forwarding Association (NSBS), CLECAT (European Liaison Committee of Common Market Forwarders) и FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations). Together we work to set high standards for the freight forwarding sector, and together we invest in the development of young talents in this profession.

SIKO is proud to be among the leaders in applying truck insurance VERIFICATION (Carrier Liability) which is not required by law, but at SIKO we strongly believe it is essential that the industry should make this a mandatory standard of work, not in the least because it is a way of preventing against false policies.

We are proud that SIKO is one of the few Bulgarian companies with an actual Shipper's Liability insurance with full risk coverage. Additionally, SIKO was among the first to enforce the practice of demanding references from other companies before starting to do business with a new carrier and/or client.

Drawn by the ambition to make SIKO a company that meets all European quality and security standards, we have collaborated with LRQA Group, an ISO 9001 auditor, for 5 years to mitigate risks in company management, as well as, to streamline work processes related to customer service and handling subcontractors.